Botox Burlington MA

Laserdocs is metro Boston's BOTOX® Expert

BOTOX® injection is the single most popular non-surgical cosmetic dermatology procedure in the United States.

Laserdocs is known in the Boston area for creating a natural, not frozen, look with Botox. We take the time to study your facial expressions and strength of your muscles in order to create the exact look you desire.

Areas we can target with BOTOX include:
* Frown lines
* Forehead furrows
* Crow’s Feet

BOTOX® is not a “one-size-fits-all” injection. Each patient receives a custom treatment which includes injecting as much or as little as needed to achieve the desired outcome. Our highly-trained Botox professional, Dr. Louis Alfano, is skilled in the art of injecting BOTOX to maximize wrinkle reduction yet allow natural-looking facial expressions.

BOTOX® is a quick and easy treatment done with tiny needles (similar to those used for Insulin injections) that are used to make a few strategically mapped injections. It relaxes your facial expression muscles that, with age, reveal lines and furrows.  Results become apparent within a few days and last for several months.