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The cause of snoring is the soft palate vibrating against other structures at the back of the throat, usually the back of the tongue. The soft palate is the back part of the throat, including the uvula, the small part that hangs down.


» It's Not Painful Surgery

The Somnoplasty procedure gently shrinks and stiffens tissues in the soft palate and uvula without the pain associated with conventional and laser assisted surgeries.

» Get Better Sleep, More Energy

The doctor performs a full examination of the head and neck -all the structures involved in snoring - to evaluate your situation and determine if you are a good candidate before you proceed to treatment.

Somnoplasty uses low -power, low-temperature radiofrequency energy to treat a well-defined area in the uvula and soft palate. The procedure is done at our clinic by the doctor. Plan to be at the clinic about two hours. Then you can drive yourself home.

A mild sore throat (similar to a cold coming on) is possible for 2 - 4 days and easily controlled with Tylenol.

» Safe, Gentle ... and It Works

Safe, radiofrequency energy is delivered beneath the surface layer (mucosa) of the soft palate. The tissue is gently heated to 85 degrees Celcius, just enough to create an area of coagulation.