Tattoo Removal

      The Pyramids are Forever...
                       But your Tattoo can be a thing of the PAST !

» At last, some of life's embarrassing mistakes can be corrected!

We've all done something in the past that we now regret... an angry word, a failed relationship, a bad job decision. Past actions you can never take back.

Fortunately, there is one decision that can now be reversed. Breakthrough laser technology available at the Cosmetic Laser Clinic can now remove that unwanted tattoo.

» Our special laser removes tattoos

The Cosmetic Laser Clinic uses the fast, safe and effective Medlite IV laser to successfully remove all colors of tattoos. When the doctor directs the beam of our advanced laser at your tattoo, the hard granules of tattoo ink absorb the energy and break into microscopic particles. The particles are removed by your body's natural filtering system, and fading of your tattoo gradually takes place.

Not all lasers are suitable for tattoo removal. With older lasers, such as CO2 and argon lasers, scarring is quite possible, since they remove the skin along with the tattoo.

Some other lasers for tattoo removal operate at just one pulse per second, or even slower. Our laser operates at 10 pulses per second. Our doctors can remove in 6 minutes what could take an hour or more elsewhere.

» Scarring is rare

Statistically, less than one patient in a thousand is at risk for pin-point scarring as a result of this treatment. Lightening or darkening of the area are also rare and should resolve in a few months if either occurs.

Patients often describe the feeling of the laser as a static snap. Any discomfort is momentary, so anesthetic is not required. Particularly sensitive patients may request a prescription for a numbing cream.

Post-treatment care couldn't be easier. Avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol and aspirin for a day, and keep the area bandaged for a few days... that's about it.

» Caring you can count on

Our doctors are highly qualified. They have a lot of experience in removing tattoos and are Accredited Laser Specialists.

» Don't give up hope... you CAN look better

At your first visit to the Cosmetic Laser Clinic, you will watch a videotape and talk with our staff about how our lasers work and what you can expect.

Before treatment for removal of your tattoo you will be fully informed about the procedure.

Dark colors and red-based colors fade best. Special inks such as metallic yellows and some greens are more stubborn. There are more than 100 different tattoo inks, so results are not totally predictable. After removal, the tattooed area should tan as well as regrow hair, if it is a hair-bearing area.

» The newest lasers can improve your appearance

As pioneers in advanced laser skin treatments, we analyze leading medical journals, attend skin care conferences, and stay in contact with the academics who develop new lasers, in order to bring you the latest, proven laser technology.

Fr example, our new Medlite IV laser is approved by the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective for tattoo removal. Each treatment takes approximately 15 minutes. We take close-up photographs before each treatment to judge the progress of removal as well as for educational purposes.

» Safety

Our lasers operate in the infrared and green parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, which are very safe. This is far from the ultraviolet rays, X-rays and cosmic rays which have the potential to cause mutations or cancer.

» Licenses and approvals

Our lasers are approved by the FDA for safe and effective removal of unwanted hair, wrinkles, leg veins, facial veins, age spots and tattoos.

At the Cosmetic Laser Clinic we follow a strict sterilization policy for your protection from common and dread diseases.

We are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.