Leg Veins Removal

» The most advanced treatments for your legs

Our medical doctors can help your legs look and feel better, whatever the condition of your leg veins. Many patients need only a laser treatment or tow, to remove unsightly spider veins.

Others may require sclerotherapy (injections) to close off the high-pressure feeder veins first. Then our new Diode laser can remove your spider veins.

Patients with moderate to severe varicose veins may require a detailed ultrasound diagnosis. This determines the extent of vein damage. A medical plan to treat your veins can then be developed.

» Don't give up hope, your legs CAN look better

Leg veins are mostly caused by genetics and female hormones. They are often made worse by pregnancy, obesity, excessive sun or standing occupations.

Once removed, your treated leg veins should not come back. You should avoid excessive sun, heat or weight gain to delay the onset of new ones. Commercial support hose are recommended if you stand a lot, or while flying.

» Advanced Ultrasound Diagnosis

If you have large bulging veins you may be at risk for floating clots. These clots could result in the loss of a limb, stroke, or heart attack. Our vascular Surgeons use special ultrasound equipment to assess the degree of risk for you. They'll develop a treatment plan to deal with the underlying problems. In extreme cases, vein stripping or ligation may be required. Usually, sclerotherapy is sufficient to resolve your condition.