Removing Freckles


» Special laser removes age spots

At the Cosmetic Laser Clinic, the doctor uses the fast, safe and effective Continuum YAG laser to permanently remove age spots. Age spots treated with this advanced laser form scabs which fall off within a week. Your new pink skin gradually returns to its natural color.

Age spots usually disappear after one treatment. Once removed by laser, your age spots should not come back, unlike those treated with bleaching creams which are temporarily faded. No white spots either, which can result from treatment with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery). You should use a sunscreen of SPF 15 or greater ever day to delay the onset of new age spots.

We carefully check that skin cancers masquerading as age spots are identified. If we feel that a spot could be cancerous or precancerous, you will be referred to your family doctor for a biopsy before laser treatment.