Capital One Healthcare Finance

Capital One Healthcare FinanceThe ability to schedule your cosmetic procedure when it's convenient for you, at a cost that fits your budget, isn't the only reason patients choose Capital One Healthcare Finance. There are lots of additional benefits:

√ No Initial Payment for Four Weeks

Your first monthly payment won't be due until four weeks from the date we receive your signed contract.

√ Fixed Rate Advantage

We offer low, fixed rates-lower than most credit cards. Unlike the variable rates offered by credit cards, Capital One Healthcare Finance's rates are fixed for the entire length of your payment term.

√ Advantages over Other Patient Financing Companies

We offer some of the lowest fixed rates available and a simple, quick decision process-get an answer within minutes.

√ Freedom to Choose

Our program gives you greater freedom to choose a specialist you trust. We're one of the largest patient financing companies in the country, and with over 30,000 providers in our network, we may already work with the physician of your choice.